About the festival

The TANEC PRAHA International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Movement Theatre is one of the biggest events in the Czech cultural calendar. Every June since 1989, the festival showcases the diversity and quality of the current foreign and domestic dance scene, gives space for experimentation and crossover with other genres, and supports the emergence of new works as co-productions. The program, which addresses both the general and professional public (from children to the elderly), is structured into program lines such as Event of the Season (essential groups and figures from the world dance scene at the opening and closing of the festival), festival co-production in international collaboration, TANEC PRAHA FOR CHILDREN, Dance NEWs (space for young talents from the Aerowaves platform), TANEC PRAHA FOR STUDENTS, VEN.ku TANCI (dance in public and non-traditional spaces) and others. At present, the festival’s program offer is featured in 20 cities and municipalities, both indoors and outdoors.  

TANEC PRAHA has long enjoyed the patronage and support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague, and individual productions have been presented under the auspices of various national embassies in the Czech Republic. The festival received its highest award for its 25th anniversary season in 2013, when it was ranked first in a competition of 235 European festivals in all genres in the EU Culture program. In 2017 it became the only festival in the Czech Republic to win the EFFE (Europe for Festivals – Festivals for Europe) Award, for its extraordinary quality, engagement and impact of its work in the local context, and is again part of the EFFE Guide to European festivals.

The TANEC PRAHA Festival was the impetus for the establishment of the non-governmental non-profit organization (NNO) Tanec Praha in 1991 and remains the main activity of this NNO.


In 2018, the TANEC PRAHA festival celebrates its 30th anniversary! We would like to celebrate this important jubilee together with renowned figures and a fascinating confrontation of contemporary dance manifestations in Europe and other continents. Our bold plans draw a balance between remembering the past and presenting new impulses from recent years, famous personalities and discovering new talents. We are continuing in the spirit of last year’s motto Dance against Prejudice, this year adding the extra subtitle: Age Never Mattered Less.

The main events of the festival will be SUNNY by renowned Israeli choreographer working in France Emanuel Gat, and Dancing Grandmothers by Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn. Another surprise is being prepared for the opening ceremony and the whole program is full of top-notch foreign and Czech artists.


Overview of festival history is availible in document here


Our mission is to annually and continuously organize the international festival at the highest artistic and organizational level. The festival strives to present inspirational and high-quality works of contemporary dance and movement theatre to the widest possible audience, to help discover and compare the latest trends on different continents, to motivate, inspire and connect the Czech artistic scene with those in other countries, and to help foster conditions for the development of contemporary dance throughout the Czech Republic.


Our vision is to move the concept of contemporary dance to the principle of openness to new ideas, mutual dialogue and cooperation at the national and international level, and to remain a recognized and progressive cultural event in Europe.

We want to continue to:
– popularize, make accessible and bring dance closer to all groups of people without any restrictions;
– encourage the exchange and sharing of experiences from the domestic and foreign dance scenes, stimulate development, and inspire and motivate experimentation;
– support the emergence of new works with international outreach, and be a guarantee of good cooperation;
– share valuable artistic experiences and up-to-date social topics with the public;
– promote the visibility of contemporary dance in the regions of the Czech Republic with respect for local partners and artists, and extend the possibilities of cooperation in the field of presentation and creation itself; and
– be a respected partner for an open dialogue at home and abroad.

We believe in the important mission of dance as a living and constantly evolving art form. We therefore continue to focus on all the possibilities of exploring its diversity, the currency of the artistic message and popularization in the widest possible public discourse.

Priorities of the Artistic Board when planning the festival vision:
– artistic quality
– creativity / originality
– diversity, courage to experiment beyond borders of genre
– topicality of the artistic message, themes and forms
– openness of the message / cooperation

Artistic Board

Yvona Kreuzmannová founder and director
Markéta Perroud co-director
and external domestic and foreign consultants

Our team

Yvona Kreuzmannová director
Markéta Perroud co-director
Alena Brožová festival manager for Prague
Veronika Hladká festival manager for the regions
Martina Filínová coordinator of TANEC PRAHA FOR CHILDREN
Katarína Ďuricová technical manager
Anna Nováková advertising campaign coordinator
Kateřina Kavalírová media relations
Kateřina Fišarová online marketing

And many others involved in PR and marketing, sales, production of individual events indoors and outdoors, technical services, performers and audience care, etc.

About the campaign

Dance does not only have to be an experience of movement. It also offers something more. It can have a much deeper meaning – to comment on the social situation, to draw attention to an issue, to challenge, to shape opinion. We were approached by leading Czech creative agency Young & Rubicam to collaborate on the visual form of the 29th annual TANEC PRAHA festival. We found common ground and the idea materialized in a campaign with the motto: Dance against Prejudice.

It was created by CELL – the design studio of Young & Rubicam. Festival cultural projects typically use photographic or typographic approaches. The more progressive ones are not afraid to use more interesting techniques. The entire campaign of the 29th annual festival was designed in the French illustration “ligne claire” style, clean lines that in a visually engaging and lightweight form depict the seriousness and authenticity of some of the themes that the festival program was based on. The creative form of the 30th anniversary of the festival will again be designed by the CELL design studio this year. In the spirit of dance against prejudice, we address the subject of age, which has never mattered less. From “ligne claire” the designers will move to 3D techniques close to the spirit of today.

Press Releases

26th June 2018
The 30th annual TANEC PRAHA Festival 2018 culminated yesterday in long

12th June 2018
TANEC PRAHA Festival is a third of the way through – and still holds a few trump cards!

30th May 2018
French Academy grants highest honour to a Czech artist in 180 years!

9th March 2018
30th Anniversary Year of the TANEC PRAHA Festival to be Opened by Jiří Kylián!

11th December 2017
30 Years of the TANEC PRAHA Festival


The funding of the festival is based on support from subsidy programs, especially the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the City of Prague, selected statutory cities and regions or city districts, embassies of participating countries or their cultural institutes, important media partners and a number of smaller partnerships.

Download the organization’s annual report HERE.

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