Thank you for a beautiful 30th TANEC PRAHA festival!

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17/07/2018  Thank you for a beautiful 30th TANEC PRAHA festival! We have celebrated it royally. You can already look forward to another edition, which will take place between 03 - 26/06/2019.

TANEC PRAHA is racing towards weekend grand finale!

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18/06/2018 Korean grandmothers have been a smashing success in Sibiu festival and cannot wait to see Prague. You can join them this Friday for discussion on Five o‘clock tea and let them introduce you to the secrets of Korean cuisine at the Cooking Workshop afterwards. On Saturday, their infinite energy will blow everybody away in the [...]

Dance for children

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12/06/2018  Festival TANEC PRAHA for children, their parents and schools What do kids do at the festival? Choose from a generous festival program in Prague and other regional cities. Follow PONEC JUNIOR group on social networks and stay in touch with the recent events and news. The forthcoming event awaits you today! Visit us in the Kasárna [...]

Festival media coverage

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11/06/2018 How do the media cover our festival? Texts are in czech. ČRo Vltava: 28/05 Jiří Kylián: Zranitelnost tanečníka je jeho největší síla Aktuálně.cz: 30/05  Tanec praha je tu. Začíná klíčová taneční událost roku, uvede Kyliána i korejské seniorky  Česká televize: 01/06  Co dělat mezi čtyřicítkou a smrtí? Festivalu Tanec Praha na věku nezáleží  Taneční 02/06 East Shadow – Tanec Praha potřicáté [...]

Dance celebration have started in PONEC theatre

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01/06/2018  The festival has festively started on Friday with Jiří Kylián's performance East Shadow. Thank you for being with us!  

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Festival trailer is online!

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12/05 2018This year's festival trailer is online! Made again by studio Cell - Young & Rubicam agency design studio.

Bargain for contemporary dance in Plzeň!

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24/04/2018  How much contemporary dance can you get for CZK 570 (CZK 360 for students)? A former hip-hop artist and his personal labyrinth, the humour and perspectives of two Hungarian dancers on everyday situations and feelings, a Mexican invitation to the fantastical world of postmodern crime or trials in the fascinating and contagious atmosphere of light [...]

A new wave of co-productions!

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04/04/2018  Do you get swept away on waves of poetry, nostalgia and moving images? Or do you enjoy dance concerts? And would you recognize who's the horse and who's the rider – children or grownups? East Shadow, SUNNY and HORSES are just some of the performances that we are presenting at the 30th TANEC PRAHA Festival. The program also newly [...]

Our new website is now up and running!

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01/03/2018 On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the festival, we have decided to launch a new website. We believe that you will like it and that it will simplify your path to obtaining information about the festival events. Take full advantage of your contemporary dance experience!

Tickets to TANEC PRAHA 2018 are now on sale

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08/01/2018 We have launched advance sales. The first tickets to the TANEC PRAHA 2018 Festival can be purchased on from 8 January 2018 at 6 p.m. Reserve your seats to the Event of the Season at the jubilee 30th anniversary of the festival on time. Buy your tickets before 8 February 2018 and get a 20% discount! [...]