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 Eun-Me Ahn (KR): Open Class for professionals and dance students

Festival TANEC PRAHA 2019 warm-up!
Workshop for all movement lovers who like to explore their body and their physical capabilities.

The workshop offers practical tools and exercises that allow participants to reflect their own energy and body center. We will examine how beneficial it is to be able to control our muscles and balance. And as a bonus, together with the dancers of the ensemble, we dive into the basic principles and elements of the creation process of the Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn.
“Dance is the universal language of all people.” (Eun-Me Ahn)

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Further information

Price: CZK 200/160,-
Duration: 2 hours
Capacity of workshops is limited.
Workshops are led in English, involving simultaneous translation.
What to wear: comfortable clothing (tracksuits, shirt)

What should you know?
Eun-Me Ahn who has amazed us with Dancing Grandmothers on TANEC PRAHA 2018 Festival is coming back with Let Me Change Your Name. Performance full of colors, pulsing energy and rhythmic electro beats can totally put us into trance. And who knows, maybe we will wake up like someone else? Performance will be presented three times in PONEC Theatre: 03/06, 04/06 and 05/06 as Festival Opening at TANEC PRAHA 2019. Tickets are on sale!

For the participants of the workshop, we offer a 10% discount for the one ticket for the Let Me Change Your Name. The discount can be applied by the end of February 2019 at the latest. Contat us on

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Eun-me Ahn (KR)

Eun-Me Ahn had a traditional Korean upbringing, but besides shamanic traditions, she soon discovered the world of Isadora Duncan and Western dance. She decided to continue her studies in New York and stayed there for several years. She was very close to Pina Bausch, who has often invited her to Wuppertal since the early 2000s. In Korea she headed the Tegu (Daegu) ensemble, where she also created the opening ceremonies for the FIFA World Cup (2002). Let Me Change Your Name was created four years later, followed by Princess Bari, with which she began touring the world. Her trilogy dedicated to Korean grandmothers, teenagers and mature men, whose most famous section “Dancing Grandmothers” (2011) was performed at the culmination of last year’s 30th annual TANEC PRAHA Festival, has gained world renown.