Tickets may be purchased for performances listed in the Program section. 

Tickets in Prague
Purchase tickets online on our website in the Program and Production sections (by clicking on each performance) or in the GoOut network. Tickets can also be purchased at the PONEC Theatre box officeTickets can also be bought at the venue on the day of the performance (an hour before show time).

BOX OFFICE | PONEC – dance venue
Husitská 899/24A, 130 00 Prague 3
+420 222 721 531 | ponec@tanecpraha.eu
MON–FRI 18:00–20:00 or one hour before show time and half an hour after the performance

PONEC – dance venue is a wheelchair accessible theatre. Holders of a severe health disability card or requiring special assistance are entitled to a discount and the person accompanying them receives free admission.

We kindly advise you to contact the box office of the theatre in advance so that we can ensure your safe access +420 222 721 531 / ponec@tanecpraha.eu


We recommend arriving at the theatre on time. You may not be permitted to enter the auditorium after the start of the performance (even with a valid ticket), without right to a refund.

Tickets in the regions
Purchase tickets online on our website in the Program and Production sections (by clicking on each performance in the GoOut network or in the sales system of the co-organizer). Tickets can also be purchased at the venue before the start of the performance. Please direct questions about other ways to purchase tickets in the regions directly to the co-organizer (click directly on the performance on our website).

All prices on this page are final and include VAT and fees. The price is the same for e-tickets and printed tickets.
Under the Sales Records Act, the seller is required to issue a receipt to the buyer. It is also required to register received revenue with the tax administrator online; in the event of a technical failure, within 48 hours at the latest.

Please direct questions about tickets, payment, orders, etc. to the sales department – michaela.danova@tanecpraha.eu.


All the information presented below refers to the 30th editon of TANEC PRAHA 2018 festival. Updates will be posted soon.
Price category of the event of the season of TANEC PRAHA 2018 in the Fórum Karlín:

Sun, 24.6, 20:00, Eun-Me Ahn (KR): Dancing Grandmothers
Mon, 25.6, 20:00, Emanuel Gat / Awir Leon (IL, FR): SUNNY


1st category CZK 1,100
2nd category CZK 900
3rd category CZK 650 / 550 (adults / students, disability card holders, seniors)
4th category CZK 450 / 350 (adults / students, disability card holders, seniors)

Do you want to share the experience of the show with your whole family?

We want to make this possible, which is why we have scheduled the performance of Dancing Grandmothers in the afternoon at a discounted price for children and seniors.

Sat, 23.6, 17:00, Eun-Me Ahn (KR): Dancing Grandmothers / suitable for the whole family, for children ages 7 and up


1st category – not applied
2nd category CZK 900 (rows 2.,4.-8.)
3rd category CZK 650 / 550 (adults / students, disability card holders) children (ages 6–15) + seniors – CZK 100
4th category CZK 450 / 350 (adults / students, disability card holders) children (ages 6–15) + seniors – CZK 100

Prices for other performances:
Thu, 7.6, 20:00, Germaine Acogny / Mikaël Serre (SN): Somewhere at the Beginning
Wed, 20.6, 20:00, Louise Lecavalier / Fou Glorieux (CA): So Blue
Price: CZK 390 / 290 (adults / students, seniors, disability card holders)

Sun, 24.6., 17:00, kabinet k (BE): HORSES
Price: CZK 390 / 210 / 100 (adults / students, seniors, disability card holders / children and seniors)

Other performances:
Price: CZK 290 / 190 (adults / students, seniors, disability card holders)

Prices  for performances outside Prague can be found on goout.cz and webpages of oour coproducers

Entry fee to open-air performances VEN.ku TANCI is voluntary

  • children ages 3 and under – free entry
  • discounted admission for children ages 4-15, for Horses and Dancing Grandmothers on 23.6 – CZK 100
  • students – high-school and university students (up to 26) upon presentation of a student card, ISIC card holders
  • disability card holders – free admission for their accompanying person
  • seniors – over 65
  • 50% discount for conservatory students and students of arts and art sciences
    • only applicable on main program of festival TANEC PRAHA held in Prague
    • purchase has to be made in box office of PONEC theatre
    • only one ticket can be bought for each performance
    • not applicable on 1st and 2nd category of tickets for performances in Forum Karlín
  • 10% discount for holders of IF Pass to french pieces– more info here.

Terms & Conditions of Participation

By purchasing a ticket, the participant and the organizer Tanec Praha z.ú., Husitská 24a/899, 130 00 Prague 3, identification no.: 44268211, enter into a contract on participation in the TANEC PRAHA 2018 festival. Under this contract (by purchasing a ticket), the participant undertakes to comply with the following Terms & Conditions of Participation in the TANEC PRAHA 2018 festival.

– bring flammables, weapons of any kind, as well as other objects that are potentially dangerous, such as scissors, tools, umbrellas (other than folding ones), etc., as well as items compromising safety: explosive, bursting, detonative and flammable substances, including spray aerosols, varnishes, etc. (perfumes, deodorants and similar products in packages over 100 ml), pyrotechnic articles, laser pointers, recording equipment, film and video cameras, glass and glassware, pressure vessels, excess luggage, vessels of all kinds (bottles, including PET bottles, cans, pots, etc.);
– bring their own drinks, alcohol, drugs and other toxic and narcotic substances in all states, own food and beverages (except food and beverages necessary for health reasons);
– take pictures and make audio and video recordings of the performance;
– distributing or placing any promotional and advertising materials without the organizer’s written permission
– is not liable for damage to the property or health of the festival participants, unless such damage is caused by a violation of the law by the organizer and is directly related to the violation
– is not liable for damage or lost profits in case of circumstances excluding liability, such as natural disasters and other unforeseeable circumstances (so-called “force majeure”) or threat of criminal activity (e.g. terrorist attack)
and is entitled:
– upon a breach of these Terms & Conditions to withdraw from the contract on participation in the TANEC PRAHA 2018 festival and to escort the festival participant out of the venue with the help of security and not allow him/her to return
– to give necessary instructions to the festival participants in order to preserve a flawless festival performance, participants’ safety and protection of property
– to evacuate the festival scene / theatre in the event of a threat to the health of participants or property (e.g. natural disaster, terrorist attack, etc.) without compensation of damage or lost profits of any participant in the festival
– takes part in the festival exclusively at his/her own risk and responsibility
– is liable for any damage which he/she causes
– acknowledges that if a valid ticket is not presented, the contract becomes void and he/she is not entitled to seek entry to the event/performance
– agrees that the organizer may use photographs and videos with his/her image for promotional purposes free of charge
and undertakes:
– to in no way compromise the health and property of participants, the organizer or third parties
– to behave with respect towards other festival participants and the organizer and not to interfere in any other way with the performance
– to observe the conditions for participation in the festival, the organizer’s instructions and the law
– to present a valid ticket (or Festival Pass) upon entry